Trailblazers Foundation believes in education as the best tool to change the world. Education and awareness are facilitators of change. Trailblazers Foundation has conceived and conducted various programmes in the field of Education.

Our efforts in the domain of Education are through

Lectures & Demonstrations
Community Engagement programmes


Multiply the Message

A good teacher helps us to become good human being in the society and good citizen of the country. The future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers. What better way to multiply our environmental concerns to reach out to the youth. With this vision Trailblazers Foundation organises workshops called “Multiple the Message” funded by Dow Chemical International (India) across India. The workshop with few lectures and number of different pedagogy enables teachers to teach different subjects keeping environmental concerns very much on the top of the mind. Teachers have multiplied the message very well by adding innovative methods. It was wonderful to see that the teachers have gone beyond the walls of the schools and have multiplied the message in the community.
We have conducted training for over 4500 teachers impacted over 2 million students across Maharashtra. The workshop has won the best CSR project amongst fortune 500 companies in Boston 2014.

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Project STEMED – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Environment And Design

Trailblazers Foundation in collaboration with Dow Leadership in Action developed practically applicable modules on Environmental Adaptations, Light, Climate Change, Food Wastage and Hunger. These were pilot tested to educate future teachers on understanding and applying Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Environment and Design to solve real-world problems, using simple yet sustainable techniques.

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Beyond The Classroom

The Beyond the Classroom workshop is a unique module that provides training on various learning pedagogies that can be used to conduct meaningful education using the outdoors. Trailblazers have the experience of conducting teacher training workshops for over 24 years. In 2018, we extended our teacher training module to other cities across India- Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Fifty renowned ICSE, CBSE, premier international schools and B. Ed colleges of these cities were invited for the workshop. The Beyond the Classroom workshop comprised of 2 days- a Teachers’ Workshop and a Principals’ Summit.

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Career Vision

Trailblazers Foundation believes that there is talent in each corner of the world, lack of facilities should not be a reason for obstructing these stars to shine. Hence, Trailblazers Foundation organizes Career Guidance camps especially in the remote areas where many of the students are not even aware of what opportunities are flourishing. This initiative has helped a lot of students and properly guided in order what are the necessary things to be done to pursue their dreams. Trailblazers Foundation is proud and shall continue enlightening and guiding the path to success to those who need it.

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Lecture On Ecology

Mr. Ranjan Biswas, Trustee, Trailblazers Foundation was invited as a guest lecturer at Nirmala Niketan to give a lecture on Ecology and its link to the Economy.  Ecology comes from Greek oikos “house, dwelling place, habitation”  + -logia “study of”.  Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with one another and with their physical environment. What better way to learn the ecology than to be a part of it. Each student was assigned a role as component of ecosystem and were asked to link all the components to each other. They understood the ecological services provided by each component and its worth. How nature tries to balance the imbalance created by humans to an extent but there is a limit to it was explained to them. Conservation of natural resources and sustainable lifestyle was stressed.  Thank you to Nirmal Niketan Ms Nilima Rodriques, Coordinator of Extension Centre and Dr. Ronald Yesudas, Assistant Professor for coordinating and facilitating the visit.

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Mala Biswas Value Education Programme

Trailblazers Foundation donated funds to NGO Thiagam Women Trust, Madurai for improving life skills of children under Mala Biswas Value Education Programme 2018-2019 and acting in responsible way in all situations.

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Lecture On Volunteerism And Service Learning

Value education, service to community and volunteerism is the need of hour. Community service or volunteering or service learning can be done in many ways, be it a project to clean the roads or surroundings, or to teach a skill to lesser privileged students helping them to be better equipped or run a campaign on conservation of environment or spread the awareness on health and hygiene. Mr. Ranjan Biswas covered these topics in detail for the benefit of St Xaviers Teachers.  Trailblazers Foundation congratulates and thanks St Xaviers’ Principal Dr. Sosamma Samuel, Manager Fr. Blaise D’souza S.J and Assistant Professor Ms. Sadab Paloji for conducting this short term course successfully for their teachers.

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Lecture On Climate Change

Mr. Ranjan Biswas, Trustee, Trailblazers Foundation is passionate about conducting knowledge sessions. We recently conducted session on climate change with unique module at Nirmala Niketan.  Apart from the theoretical aspects on climate change like difference between weather and climate, global warming, efforts of various countries to control the greenhouse gases, they got to see a demonstration on climate change in the classroom with an innovative system representing earth.  They also saw how soot formation occurs because of vehicular pollution.

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Drawing Competition At Mahuli

Trailblazers Foundation organised a drawing completion for 220 students which live in villages and hamlets that come under Avale Group Gram Panchayat, at Mahuli village, immediately after Ganpati vacation. There are 17 schools under Khativali Center of Shahapur Taluka. Entire Zilla Parishad Education team of concerned schools were seen involved. Judges were teachers from guest schools namely Ambedoh, Kate Kuee Pada , Avale and Chanroti . Event cost was entirely borne by Trailblazers Foundation. Drawing material Camlin crayon boxes per student, drawing sheets, colouring sheets for students of group were arranged by the team too. Attractive prizes were kept to appreciate / encourage /attract /involve children by Trailblazers Foundation as well which became source of inspiration for team, teachers and parents who came later at the time of prize distribution. They said that it is indeed a welcoming effort for these children to come up with their talents.

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Debate Competition For Eco-Fest Planet-E

Trailblazers Foundation contributed towards organizing a debate competition in first ever All Mumbai Intercollegiate Eco-Fest Planet-E 2017-2018. It was organized at St. Teresa’s Institute of Education.  Trailblazers CSR Managers also participated as judge in the debate competition.  Fifty educational institutes participated in this Eco-fest with activities ranging from elocution, debates, jingles and projects.

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