It is of utmost importance that today’s generation understands using the resources sustainably and conserves them for future generations.

Trailblazers Foundation with its flagship Multiply the Message workshop through innovative methods of teaching trains teachers and through them creates awareness among students and the society.

Our efforts in the domain of Environment are through

Community Conservation Action
Awareness Drives
Sustainable Development


Clean Up Drive At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Trailblazers Foundation believes in being closer to nature and respecting the environment. To spread the word, Trailblazers Foundation initiated the cleanliness drive near Sanjay Gandhi National Park along with the student teachers of K. J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training and Research. The response was commendable and we had to take two batches for the cause. One batch cleaned the path to Kanheri caves of 3km and the other batch cleaned Kanheri caves. It was heart breaking to see the litter consisted of Alcohol bottles, chips and chocolate wrappers which together accounted to around 30 Garbage bags. Trailblazers Foundation strongly believes in making a strong impact on the citizens especially the youth as they are the future of India, that keep the surrounding clean is not a one man show, it is a community responsibility that in turn benefits the society with improved environmental conditions.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to organize clean up drives.

Cleanliness Awareness Programme-In Connection With World Wetlands Day

Mumbai is blessed with water on most of the sides and it is our duty to treasure it, however we end up littering irrespective to infinite reasons further like excuses. Trailblazers Foundation decided to have Cleanliness Awareness Programme across the beaches like Girgaum chowpati, Versova beach, Juhu beach, Vashi Sagar Vihar and Bandra bandstand. We were highly obliged to have the students from different college slike K. B. P. Hinduja College, Charni road; Oriental college of Education, Andheri; H. J. college of Education, Khar and G.S.B. college of Education, Juhu volunteered for the event. Trailblazers Foundations wants to carry out even more cleanliness awareness programmes to motivate and inspire the residents to adore the nature’s bounty take collective responsibility towards its maintenance.

Peace Grove

Peace Grove conceptualized by Mr. Ranjan Biswas became a reality on 21st June 2017. Trailblazers Foundation as a part of its greening the fallow and industrial lands took this initiative and conceptualized the plantation with emphasis on planting indigenous species like Mango, Tamarind, Banyan, Peepal, Amaltas etc to attract birds and insects. Mayor of Badlapur city Mr. Waman Mhatre inaugurated the plantation. Mr Mhatre planted the first tree followed by employees of Pranav Constructions including the Managing Director Mr. Sushil Sahani, Managing Director, Pranav Construction Systems. Under the able guidance of Mr Ranjan Biswas, the employees of Pranav Infra prepared the land, purchased saplings and dug pits. In this go green drive 1,500 trees and plants were planted to save the environment, nature & wildlife. Trees are our best and most valuable friends.  Trailblazers Foundation hopes to green more urban and industrialized land in future.

Please get in touch with us to organise a greening of your industrial land


Society Awareness Programme

Society residents are a great potential in bringing a change in the neighbourhood. Trailblazers Foundation organises interactive sessions with various Co-operating Housing Societies to share knowledge and spread awareness about the ecosystem of their area. The sessions are usually focussed on environment education messages of conservation of energy and water, efforts to preserve and nurture ecosystem around society with special attention to plants and animals.

Please get in touch with us to conduct society awareness programmes.

Nature Appreciation Programme For Society Members on World Environment Day

The Earth is what we all have in common; it is our collective responsibility to take care of it. Trailblazers Foundation is proud to have nature enthusiasts as part of the team which includes Bird watchers and Botanists; they took the lead in conducting a Nature appreciation programme as a part of World Environment Day celebrations in Eden Woods. The trail ignited curiosity in the minds of young explorers, and it was heartening to see children observing plants and spotting birds on their own. At the end of the trail, participants saw an award-winning documentary on birds. Trailblazers Foundation believes in leaving an impact on more curious souls and it does not take much to appreciate the nature.

Please contact us if you would like us to organize nature appreciation programmes in your society.

Tree Watch For Tree Lovers

Trailblazers Foundation strongly believes in “Time spent with trees is never time Wasted.” In association with FERN, we organized Tree Watch for Tree lovers in Edenwoods Society with its 7.6 acres of green cover, and blessed with a floral diversity of 598 plants belonging to 36 families, comprising of 64 genera. Tree experts Mr. Rajendra Karnik, Retired professor Botany and Ms. Niyati Pimprikar, both of FERN, and President Mrs Mala Biswas, Trustee, Trailblazers Foundation and Sachin Sata guided the participants during the programme. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the trail. Edenwoodians and tree lovers enjoyed the Tree Watch session organized by Trailblazers Foundation and FERN.

Please contact us if you would like us to such sessions in your society.

Village Awareness on Methods of Water Conservation and Harvesting

Trailblazers Foundation wants to assure that the people in rural areas are self sufficient in water with this mission. Our team visited Siddheshwar village and created awareness on methods of water conservation and harvesting.  Mr Ranjan Biswas, the trustee of Trailblazers Foundation addressed the villagers in the village temple. Development of a nursery, plantation surrounding the water bodies, recharging the wells, gully and bund to reduce soil erosion, building check dams and planning water harvesting with the help of government officials was discussed with the villagers. We aim to reach out to many remote areas facing water problems and make them aware of easy techniques that can help them get hold of water that is otherwise being wasted.

Please contact us if you would like us to such awareness programmes.


Mahuli Village Development

Trailblazers Foundation initiated work in rural development and for that it had selected Awale Grampanchayat after a short Recce. To understand the situation in the village and the socio economic condition a baseline survey was conducted. Awale grampanchayat is a 5 village group grampanchayat with about 650 households. It is spread across 22 padas along the base of Mahuli Hills. Data was collected with the help of a questionnaire using random sampling technique from 81 households from 18 padas in 5 villages. Trailblazers Foundation took the first step; an introductory meeting was conducted to understand the requirement and mindset of the people. This meeting was conducted in consultation with grampanchayat office. Mr. Ranjan Biswas, Trustee of Trailblazers Foundation addressed the villagers and motivated them towards the better future. Villagers also contributed their thought, difficulties they face and their achievements, women participated in meeting which was a positive response. People were shown the analysis of the baseline survey conducted in their village. They were also shown the video of Hiware Bazar, the ideal village located in Ahmednagar. At the end of the meeting Upsarpanch and President of School Development committee promised to support the endeavors of Trailblazers Foundation.



Trailblazers Foundation wants to promote research and knowledge creation that will help us tackle problems humankind is facing in preserving the environment. The foundation has a scholarship programme to fund a deserving candidate who would like to pursue research in such a field.

Please contact us to know more about our scholarship programme.

Field Research Stations

Trailblazers Foundation has a vision of launching our own Field Research Stations and are looking for collaborations for the same. Together we aim at improving the environmental conditions and are regular at doing the same with help of the stations. Let us join together in a noble cause for a better future.

Please contact us if you are interested to collaborate.